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The experience

As you travel up to the bungalow which is the first thing you see when approaching the venue, you will notice nothing spectacular. The locals of Heathrow and passers-by never suspect the delights lying behind the property.

A drive lies to the left of the property leading to the car park. There is also an overspill car park for when the club is beginning to fill up.
Twinkly lights are visible as dusk falls and throughout the night, which will guide you to the back of the bungalow which is the first point of entry. Friendly reception staff are awaiting your arrival with a towel for you to take through to the changing rooms.
men_sex_play_spa_sauna_gay_london_BDSM-46.jpgYour first visit can be quite overwhelming because of the huge size of the park. A member of staff will give you the guided tour and no doubt amaze you with the amount of facilities, private rooms and areas which are laid out for you to explore.

Hot and cold beverages are provided free in the club house and the tea hut. In the club area there are fridges provided for you to store your alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, should you wish to do so.

The first thing you notice is that the park has both indoor and outdoor areas, so you can visit at any time of year. Each room and area is heated, making it comfortable for you to walk around naked or in a towel, even in the middle of winter.

Gentleman from all walks of life, young and old, can be found walking from one section of the park to another or enjoying a peaceful sauna or communal swim in the heated swimming pool.

You will find people from all walks of life. Some have travelled for hours from outside of London to enjoy the facilities the park has to offer.
The social feel of the park is noticeable as everybody is of an understanding mindset. Enjoy a group sex activity, or if you wish, a one-to-one private experience in one of the many private rooms. If you just want to chat about your day at work there are plenty of folk simply enjoying the relaxing spa facilities.

The Largest Men only indoor/outdoor spa in London

Our next parties are on the first Thursday of every month.


Party hard until the early hours!

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  • Operating Hours:

    First Thursday of every month
    from 7 PM till midnight.
  • Address:

    MPP, Heathrow
    Horton Road,
    Stanwell Moor Village,
    TW19 6AE
  • Telephone:

    075 8497 2002